Delicious food to prevent us from breast cancer disease

Friday, January 15, 2010

delicious food to prevent breast cancerUsually if we are exposed to the disease, we must do diet and do not eat delicious food. But for breast cancer, there were some delicious foods that can be used to ward off breast cancer. This time we will discuss 3 food delicious, tomorrow will be followed by 3 other delicious foods.

This is delicious food to prevent us from breast cancer disease:

1. Wheat
One substance that can stimulate cell growth are estrogen, so we must do various ways to reduce levels of estrogen in the body. Apparently, half a glass of wheat equivalent to 10 grams of fiber,based on research it can reduce estrogen. You can consume them by changing it to be cereal grain and mixed it with a glass of milk. Delicious well, if we drink it every morning.

2. Salmon and tuna
There have been studies in American that by eating salmon and tuna may reduce the risk of breast cancer. This is possible because the salmon and tuna containt omega 3

3. Carrot and spinach
Who does not like carrots and spinach? If you don't like them, you should change this habit from now, because if you don't do that, the risk of developing the disease has doubled compared to those who consumed carrots and spinach.

That's all, 3 good food prevention of breast cancer risk, wait for 3 other delicious foods in my next article. See you tomorrow

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Check your breast cancer through mamogram and mammography

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

mammogram mammographyMy friend, have you ever heard about mamorafi, mammogram, how to do mammogram and when it should be done? Surely, amongst you who know and there is not. It merely adds to our knowledge of the healing methods and detection of breast cancer, this time we will discuss about mammography.

What is mammography and mammogram?

To conduct inspections and detection of breast cancer, there are two known methods, the first methode is through laboratory tests patology and the other is through a picture or image of the breast. One method through the image technique is mammography.

Mammography (mammography) through various reference obtained is a breast imaging method through the low dose X-rays used. Mammogram is a really test of mammography .Mammogram highly recommended to women aged 40 years and over. Information about breast self-examination and other breast health issues are also given as an additional explanation.
Usually, a mammogram done after a diagnosis from a doctor, but patients also can directly come to doctor or hospital to do mammogram

How many kinds of mammogram?

Mammogram is divided into two types namely:
1.screening mammogram
This is standard mammogram that performed to check normal breast ( don't have cancer problem ). Screening mammogram use twice X rays per breast.

2. Mammogram which aims to evaluate breast abnormalities of patients. This mammogram is used to check new or the old patients who require additional checks . Generally,there are additional x-ray to review the suspected breast cancer.
Where mammogram / mammography can be done?
If you want to do a mammogram, you can do at the hospital, clinic, the doctor or other health care facilities that provide breast examination. If in America, a mammogram can only be done in health facility that have received a certificate from the FDA.

Procedure to do a mammogram
There are some step or procedure is usually done when making a mammogram .
Patients will be asked to fill out a form that contains the information level of risk of breast cancer and mammography is needed. Also information about the her datas and the history of cancer in the family, details of menstruation, birth records, contraceptive use, breast implants, breast surgery who ever lived, age, and hormonal replacement therapy (usually for women who have menopause).

So, if you have problem with your breast , you can do mammaogram to check it. Thanks for your interest. See you in my next article

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Breast cancer chemotherapy

Monday, January 11, 2010

breast cancer chemotherapyBeautiful breasts are yearning woman. So anything will be done to get it. But what would happen if your favorite breast attacked by breast cancer disease. Obviously very sad and I'm sorry if you are one of them. This time I will give what information is chemotherapy, the function of chemotherapy for breast cancer, how to do, a drug used to chemotherapy and when to be given

What is breast cancer chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is an action / therapy gift of chemistry compound (medicine) to lessen, eliminate and pursue microbe or parasite growth in patient body.

In operabel KPD,chemoteraphy used before surgery and its called neoajuvan (KNA); after surgery, adjuvant (KA). Also it is used in non-operabel KPD or residif KPD (KPD who came back).KNA useful to shrink the tumor enough to save the breast tissue to be removed.

KA useful to kill the remaining cancer still haunts. These cells will be seen on examination of axillary lymph nodes or tumor differentiation is relatively large or very irregular. Indeed adjuvant treatment can also be done with hormones. But when estrogen receptor negative (ER -), response to treatment with either hormone will not be an option until railway.

In the non-operabel KPD and KPD residif, he would kill cancer cells. As mentioned above factors into consideration as well estrogens. However only when ER + powerful treatment can be done with hormones alone.

Various drugs are available for chemotherapy. I used to use 5Flurouracil, doxorubicin, Cyclophosphamide and paclitaxel

Single or multiple
Chemotherapy can be given a single, only one drug; or multiple, several drugs. I usually use a combination of FAC (5Flurouracil, doxorubicin, Cyclophosphamide); Doxo and paclitaxel, or paclitaxel only

How to do breast cancer chemoteraphy

Chemotherapy drugs can be eaten, medication infusion or the other. Although 5Flurouracil and Cyclophosphamide is available in the form of the drug to eat, I always give intravenous medication.

When breast cancer chemoteraphy given to patient
Chemotherapy drugs given regularly eaten in a few days each cycle.
Intravenous chemotherapy is given at regular intervals called cycles, every week, every 2 weeks, every 3 weeks or every 4 weeks.

How long to give chemoteraphy
To KNA and KA is usually given six to 7 times. However, for the treatment of non-operabel KPD and KPD residif, the length is determined by the development of the KPD. If there are signs of progress or no toxicity ratings will be terminated.

I hope this breast cancer chemoteraphy article can help you. I wish your disease can recover immediatelly. Thankss for your attention

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